Open access policy

The journal started publishing as a fully open access title in 2014. The Platform of Scientific Publications at NOVA FCSH is open-access digital infrastructure, which means that all content is available free of charge to users and institutions. 

Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search or link the article texts in full, or to use them for any other lawful end, without previous authorisation from the journal, collection or authors, as long as reference is made to the publication and its corresponding license.

Likewise, the submission and publication of work in journals and collections is free of charge. No fees will be charged to authors, who are free to deposit their published works in institutional repositories and circulate them by other means, as long as reference is made to their first publication and corresponding license. The journal fulfils the Directory of Open Access Journals  (DOAJ) definition of open access.


The publication of work in the journals and collections does not require any transfer of copyrights, only the rights of first publication, circulation and archiving. The copyright owners retain their copyright, granting a non-exclusive Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license to the journal or collection to publish the work, which means that the authors can also publish the work elsewhere, as long as reference is made to its first publication and corresponding license.

The use of material by third parties is only authorised with respective legal consent, which shall be previously obtained by the authors responsible for submitting the work. The terms of the Creative Commons license applicable to the published works cannot be extended to any non-original content (such as graphics, illustrations, photographs, excerpts, etc.) and may require additional authorisation from the copyright owner. The duty to research and attain permissions is the exclusive responsibility of whoever re-uses the material.